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Information used in the daily activities of an enterprise is too often stored in disparate data systems found throughout its infrastructure. Ensuring a reliable and secure exchange of data between these and the hundreds of other on-premises, hosted and SaaS applications is an expensive and resource draining endeavor.

Fortunately, Illuminate is a lightweight, low cost API Management Platform and Cloud Integration Gateway that leverages a simple menu-driven approach to seamlessly integrate any system to any other system in a fraction of the time required today with no programming knowledge.

What is Illuminate?

What is Illuminate?

Illuminate is a turnkey API Management Platform and Cloud Integration Gateway that uses pre-built APIs to ensure that the right data is shared with the right partners in real-time. Illuminate offers an intuitive Integration Management Dashboard allowing IT staff to deploy APIs as Web Services, establish data translations, set security layers and connect an organization’s information systems with any other on-premises, SaaS or hosted application with the click of a mouse.

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Illuminate, initially developed as the first Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) built exclusively for Higher Education, is a digital integration engine that allows organizations to achieve the dream of true interoperability by leveraging a simple menu driven approach to seamlessly integrating any SaaS, Hosted or on-premises application with their Systems, Databases, and Single Sign-on environment.

  • Ease of Use
    Deploy pre-built or institution specific APIs as Web Services to seamlessly integrate any system in a matter of minutes.
  • Enhanced Security
    Minimize significant security threats by streamlining and locking down errant integration deployments.
  • Interoperability
    Deploy a universal translator for connecting any system to any other system regardless of on-premises, hosted or in the Cloud.
  • Reusability
    Define API connectors to your SIS, LMS and other systems and redeploy for each new partner system with all required modifications without ever writing a line of code.

Illuminate for Higher Ed

Learn more about both Illuminate for Higher Education and Illuminate Photon for general IT organizations

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